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The Gentleman Bug is perfectly content leading his quiet life in the garden as a school teacher and bookworm. He doesn't even mind the ceaseless teasing of the more dapper bugs. But everything changes when the Lady Bug arrives in town. The Gentleman Bug falls legs over antennae for her at first sight. But how will he get her to notice him? After a series of mishaps and a failed Victorian makeover, the Gentleman Bug learns that love (and a love of literature) trumps all, as he wins his fair Librarian Lady Bug's heart.

Subdued colors, elegant lines and generous quantities of space to lend low-key grace to each scene. - Kirkus Reviews

Hector’s crisp, utterly charming watercolor-and-colored-pencil illustrations have a classic, timeless feel. - Booklist

Hector’s charmingly simple story will delight young insect lovers, and its bibliophilic ending is perfect. - Through the Looking Glass

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